A final goodbye and a new beginning

by Anna Blanch on January 9, 2014


2013 was a hard year. A strange year. But it felt like it was only natural following on from 2011 and 2012 which were spectacularly hard. You read about some of the challenges here in this space. Life got even more complicated before it felt like it turned a corner and I begin to see […]

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My Story

by Anna Blanch on September 8, 2013


“You really should write it down.” I’ve been told this over coffee, or after a lunch, or a car ride. On the beach, In a church, on a train. They’d asked a question and had seemed to be genuinely asking and so had gotten a fragment of the story. It’s long and convoluted. With lots […]


Home libraries: George Washington

by Anna Blanch on May 25, 2013


We all need a place to hide out! This week’s home library belongs to a very busy man who really needed a place of quietness! George Washington’s study was built during the Revolutionary War as part of the expansion of his home. When he returned to Mount Vernon in 1783, he was called upon to […]


Home Libraries: Neil Gaiman

by Anna Blanch on May 18, 2013


Here’s what contemporary author Neil Gaiman said about his enviable, Mark Twain style writing gazebo in the book Shedworking: “I had the gazebo built about 15 years ago, and go through phases of using it, and then I’ll abandon it for 5 years, then rediscover it with delight. I love walking to the bottom of […]


Home Libraries: Norman Mailer

by Anna Blanch on May 12, 2013


 So this week’s home library is a corker! Meet Norman Mailer’s whole house! Photo Source Norman Mailer’s apartment did not have a dedicated library; rather, the whole apartment was a library, with bookshelves sitting against many of the walls and volumes stacked hither and thither. Seen here as it looked a few years after his […]


Home Libraries: Ernest Hemingway

by Anna Blanch on May 3, 2013


Ernest Hemingway lived in this house in Key West, Florida for more than 10 years. This is where he wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls and Death in the Afternoon. Needing a place where he could drink a glass of scotch, smoke a cigar, and write, Hemingway turned the old carriage house on the property […]


Home Libraries: Jay Walker

by Anna Blanch on April 30, 2013


  If William Randolph Hearst had lived in the 21rst century and been a lot geekier, this is what his library might have looked like. Created by the founder of Priceline.com, Jay Walker, to be a tribute to the human imagination, the 3,600 square foot library consists of three eye-popping levels, which were inspired by […]


Home Libraries: Jack London

by Anna Blanch on April 25, 2013


When the stone mansion (“Wolf House”) Jack London was building on his Sonoma Valley ranch burned down in 1913, he built a tranquil, windowed annex onto the large “cottage” he and his wife Charmian had been living in for years. The study–in which he penned his final stories and novels–was adjacent to his “sleeping porch.”  […]


Home Libraries: Sherlock Holmes

April 18, 2013

So last week, I shared the study of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and this week it is the turn of onr of his creations, and someone with a fabulous home library! Though, Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, his study has been lovingly recreated from the descriptions given by his creator, Doyle. There is one […]

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Home Libraries: Arthur Conan Doyle

April 12, 2013

Today I’m excited to be able to share images of Arthur Conan Doyle’s study! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived in his Windlesham home on the outskirts of Crowborough in East Sussex for 23 years. When he died there in 1930, his request was to be buried in a garden next to a writing hut he had built on the […]

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