The Reference Section and Emerson

by Anna Blanch on September 11, 2007

I thought I had spent alot of time in libraries. I’ve learnt the true meaning of living in the library this week – I’ve left to go to class, sleep and eat and that’s about it. Oh, and I could choose not to leave for the eating part because there are about a dozen vending machines selling just about everything you can think of (except for Coke, there are NO coke products sold on campus) and a Java cafe and free coffee after 11pm. I was there till 11:30 last night; something I don’t plan to become a habit. But will probably end up being a habit!

The upside is that I’ve gotten to know the libraries here really well and discovered resources I didn’t know existed. I wonder if they are in the ANU library???
As far as class goes, I have some incredible Professors – erudite, witty, and incredibly knowledgable in their fields. I will write more about class hopefully in the future.
I’ve been reading alot of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thoreau, Theodore Parker, Andrews Norton, Henry Wade, William Ellery Channing for my class on Transcendentalism. It has made me wonder if people really knew what Emerson was really on about whether they would still insist on quoting him so often. He is the friend of the teacher and the pondorous orator…but, he was quite radical. Although it was Ellery Channing who said “God is the Intelligence of the Mind” which brings new meaning to the concept of “a god of your own making.”
I am presently trying to write a proposal for a paper on Hannah More! Which I better get back to.

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