Goannatree Vers 2.1

by Anna Blanch on August 12, 2008

Here it is – a revamped and reworked Goannatree!

I am pretty excited about the redesign of Goannatree. With much help from Jandy of Jandy’s Meanderings there is a new header and a new layout! The header, like the picture to the above, is one of my photographs – taken while I was in Australia.

In addition to moving some of the sidebar links around I have added a Most Popular Posts section (just to your left) which offers direct links to (obviously) the most read posts and updated the blogroll listings!

The Top 5 “Most Popular” Posts
1. Now for something completely different – some GOOD news for a change
WWOD?: What would Oprah do?
Finding a Spiritual Home?
Measure for Measure: Academic Success and the Christian scholar
Update on Being an Evangelical Women and a Scholar

Once again, many thanks to Jandy of Jandy’s Meanderings for helping with the many and difficult technical aspects of the redesign. Since I moved here to Blogspot I have been working towards a design that better suits Goannatree.

Let me know what you think, as always comments and feedback are welcome.

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