Goannatree’s High Calling

by Anna Blanch on November 9, 2008

I recently joined the highcallingblogs.com network. I wanted to post on why I chose to join this fabulous network.

Why did i join?

I am always looking to connect with groups of people with broadly similar motivations for what they do. Sometimes I am challenged and intrigued most by posts and writing that has very little do with the things in which I am interested. LL Barkat, Marcus Goodyear and Gordon Atkinson over at HighCallingBlogs provide some great resources and links to articles about your “high calling.” along with the parent site HighCalling.org it is well worth checking out. I like being challenged to write and communicate better and being involved with a network such as HighCalling does just that. The authors posting on these sites are great writers – who offer valuable insights. Who doesn’t want to read good writing!

What is my High Calling?

I see my scholarship and my life as a teacher and scholar as a calling, and one which I pursue as more than just a job. there is a time and a place for all things, and at this point in my journey I am in an Academic setting, this may not always be the case – but for right now I work bloom where i am planted. My high calling is the same as any other Christian, to glorify God with my heart, soul, and mind.


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