Good reading for scholars interested in Faith and the Arts

by Anna Blanch on November 30, 2008

I am always on the lookout for great resources to help me to continue to grow and develop as a scholar, and as a person. This post will be a little different in that it will primarily offer a checklist of online reading list resources plus a few additions of my own.

Three reading lists that offer a place to begin are the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts (University of St Andrew’s) Theology and the Arts Reading List, the Gifted for Leadership Reading List produced by Christian Women in Leadership, a publication of Christianity Today and the Faith and Scholarship Bibliography produced by the Emerging Scholars Network, a spin-off from Intervarsity Graduate Ministries.

William Craig Lane’s
The Two Tasks of the Christian Scholar: Redeeming the Soul, Redeeming the Mind (2007) is a collection of essays from the 2006 National Faculty Leadership conference organised by LeadershipU . The third edition of his book, Reasonable Faith, is also worth a read.

If you are interested in World Literatures, or specifically non- Western or Oriental literature – Kevin Kelly offers a review of some of the better “Lifetime Reading Guides” which offer an annotated chronological overview to guide you through some of the most significant literary works. Kelly also offers a FAQ to address concerns about what constitutes the canon and great books. This directs the reader to other helpful resources. Kelly rightly contends that the “canon” is really more about perceived influence rather than quality!

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