The long awaited sigh…

by Anna Blanch on May 9, 2008

Waiting to finish this semester has been like holding your breath for too long….your face starts to go red and you almost pass out from lack of oxygen (or lack of fresh air as the case may be). But all the official parts of the semester – the handing in of papers and such – is all done.
I’ve been contemplating many things this week: about how people who are angry or upset don’t have the foresight to think about how their venting might come at the most importune time for the rest of us and then what an incredible blessing it is to have professional and compassionate colleagues, or how fortunate i am to have friends (all around the world) who continually impress me with their kindness, their intelligence and their wit, prompting me to feel very fortunate that i can call them friends and be proud to do so, or how grateful i am that i have wonderful siblings who, i’m proud I can say, are talented and wonderful individuals. I am especially grateful that they are my eyes and ears when i am so far from home. It is not a pleasant experience when someone you love is in hospital but when you know they are in great hands it does help.

One such friend is a sociologist researching in the middle east. Transformada writes on the attitudes of middle eastern women about themselves, their culture and the social, religious, and political climate. Her research is impressive, and she’s pretty great too. Go and check out Transformada’s blog.

I been contemplating the paths i’ve gone down this semester; my decisions and those of others. It’s been full of emotion. I would say some good and some bad, but i think (as a very emotional person – contrary to what some people have told me recently) emotion is generally a good thing – especially when it allows the rest of you to express what you conscious mind cannot fully comprehend.

This sunday is mother’s day….so if you are like me and always forget to send cards till the last minute I would do something quick. I actually sent my early for a change – i don’t think anybody has got a birthday card on time from me this year and the excuse that i am in another hemisphere just won’t cut it after a while.

Now, I am able to begin wokring on things because they interest me not because i have too…that also goes for reading a few books because they’ve been recommended by friends and professors not because i have to. This guilty pleasure will not be so guilty for at least the next couple of weeks. I won’t really have any time off until i go back to Australia in July when i look forward to some rest and relaxation and lots of home-cooked Australian food (whatever that means).

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