Murphy’s law and Conferences: MLA Day 1

by Anna Blanch on December 27, 2008

It’s always the way. Whether it is the travel arrangements (I only had 8 hours of delays yesterday) or something else, there is always something!

So two days after Christmas I find myself in San Francisco at the Modern Language Association Conference (MLA). This conference will take place across three different hotels downtown! I don’t present my paper until Monday – I’ll give a preview then – so I have some time to check out some of the 800 different panels and sessions on over the next few days.

But, ay, there’s a rub. Aspect no#2 of Murphy’s Law as it applies to conferences – there can be all the sessions under the sun but all the sessions you are interested in are on at the same time, or even more usually are being held at the same time as the session in which you are presenting a paper. That’s what happened to me here – Marilyn Robinson, Pulitzer prize winning author of Gilead and Home is doing a reading at this conference (something which I am sure will be very well attended) but it is on at the same time as my session!

Tonight I am hoping to check out a Conference on Christianity and Literature session on Marilynne Robinson’s work as well as a discussion on the pedagogical concerns involved in putting together anthologies.

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