Being Thankful

by Anna Blanch on March 22, 2008

Easter is about being Thankful. At the Good Friday service i went to yesterday Jeff reminded me that atonement was about deliverance from a debt of death. That’s what Good Friday is about – the actions of one man, who was also the Son of God, Jesus Christ dying on a cross (a death reserved for only the worst criminals). It is not happy – it should be sobering. But, it also encouraging, because Sunday is coming!

Yesterday i received a parcel from a friend who outdid themselves in their thoughtfulness. Who else would know that to put a smile on myface he needed to send me, among other things, a book and a huge array of herbs and spices? Either way, it has made me reflect on friendship – and being thankful for those who know me best, even when they are also the one who tell you want you don’t want to hear, even though it is what you need to hear.

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