Diagnosis: missing home? Rx: A flight across the pacific!

by Anna Blanch on June 20, 2008

Later this week I will be leaving on a jet plane…literally. I will fly out of these United States across the pacific blue and land in Australia after a little stop in NZ. I really shouldn’t complain about the inordinate amount of time i will spend in airports and on aircraft given that this trip used to take 3 months on a ship but at least they had cabins and state rooms – I have a good proportion of my height in legs and they have to fit in that space before the seat in front of me… Which is why i haven’t exactly figured out how many hours i will be travelling – in this matter i have decided that ignorance is bliss. I will get my fix in magazines….and read a book or two (or three – and i will watch movies and sleep.

In preparation for my sojourn abroad – i have been hamming up on the Wizard of Oz cliches, though if only i could click the heels of my shiny red shoes and say solemnly there’s “no place like home,” “there’s no place like home.” It’s a little disturbing (say I wryly….) that i might be able to find a couple of candidates for the Wicked Witch (gender notwithstanding…), so i really should stop with the metaphor.

In any case…Way back on August 9th I wrote this:

small list of things I know I will miss – Food (Golden Syrup, Tim tams, milo, beetroot on hamburgers, Mangoes, Baked beans, tomato sauce, vegemite), the Aussie accent, Australian sport, driving past Lake Burley Griffin every day[….]

I am looking forward to – REAL Tex-Mex Food, living in another country, realising my dreams of studying under DR J, Dr P and DR W, meeting new people, travelling in the US and Canada (Grand canyon, Niagara Falls) […]

You can see the rest of the entry here. After being here 9 months I thought i’d revisit this post and comment on how i’ve gotten on:

If you don’t know what Vegemite is made from it is probably best there i keep that piece of information (just think what’s left after beer is made….sans alcohol). I haven’t quite hit the bottom of my small jar of vegemite, but i’m pretty close. Many have tried this, and none enjoyed it! hardly suprising, but not really disappointing. I had such a small jar i wasn’t that keen to share it. So the sour faces were mutually beneficial.
Treatment: Bring a larger jar back with me and then i won’t have to ration it!

Golden Syrup
this is one i didn’t realise i’d miss as much as i have. One cannot make ANZAC bikkies without it, and there is nothing best than scones and golden syrup or crumpets (not that you can get those here) and golden syrup. I often eat it with fresh tortillas here in TX, a pretty great compromise i think!
Treatment: More of this will be coming back with me also….only a slight danger of it being crushed and spilling over everything….just a slight danger.

***Breaking News *** I actually found this in a specialty store in granbury. tx called Cane syrup! A very exciting find.

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