Footloose and Fancy Free: Answering a challenge

by Anna Blanch on June 24, 2008

So here goes. After i posted yesterday’s post I was talking to a friend of mine who is somewhere in the Middle East. She challenged me to express more of my thoughts about how what I wrote applies to us as single women. I didn’t mean for my post yesterday to only apply to being married. I was thinking through the idea of submission of a wife to a husband – frankly, in the world as it exists getting too far into me submitting to the male population at large because they are men and i am a woman may end up with me sounding a little more feminist than even i am comfortable with.

Her point, which i wholeheartedly agree with, is that all individuals who express a belief in the sufficiency of trust Jesus Christ as the vehicle for a restored relationship with God, whether men or women, are essentially married to Christ. I know that may seem a little out there to some people. Bu i promise you i am not a loony….though i am not sure i really mind being considered a loony for believing as i do. Let’s just say i haven’t lost my mind.

The act of submission I engage in daily is that between my will which wants to do as it pleases and living for others. In Christian-speak “taking up my cross daily”. This isn’t some hyperbolic matyr complex. In fact it is a simple as it is difficult. It is about choosing an alternative to pride, envy, lust, greed, gluttony….yes the seven deadly sins can be of some use. But, it isn’t even just what you do – that isn’t it isn’t about a set of rules or a series of practices. That would be, and is, a whole different religion. This is about an attitude. I am free to do all things, but that doesn’t make all or any of those things beneficial.

I am sure that this isn’t the end of this conversation.

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