The NEW Urban Recreation?

by Anna Blanch on May 10, 2008

So what do Baylor students do to blow off steam on a campus that doesn’t allow alcohol or music loud enough for your neighbour to hear? They go outside and in the midst of academic buildings, roads upon which Texans drive (enough said) and the multitude of squirrels that call campus home they play either disc golf or tennis ball golf.

I know that Disc golf and Tennis ball golf have been around awhile but i though i’d better explain what they are all about. disc golf is basically using a frisbee to hit defined targets, usually a tree or sign or building, like the hole in golf. You try and get there with as few shots as possible, also like golf. Tennis ball golf is the same thing, except alot more like golf but without the very hard golf ball.

Although i’ve had a few occassions where i’ve had to give a death stare to the undergraduate planning on hitting that tennis ball my way – in my defence they are not always the best aim and better i come of grumpy than with a black eye, i say – I kind of admire the tenacity of these diehards. Neither of these activities would rate on any kind of exercise meter, they don’t really even count as aerobic exercise, but that’s really not the point. It’s obvious that these student are enjoying themselves, on account of the laughter and the jibes. A generally harmless activity (though i am sure a few windows get broken) – it sure beats stealing signs in the middle of the night like what used to happen when i lived on residence at ANU – we never did figure out who put the road works signs in the A2 bathrooms in the middle of the night during exam period a few years ago, but whomever it was was strong, those star pickets alone are heavy!

Ok — confession, as i wrote this i thought i was dealing with quaint activities.. true recreation. I was wrong; there is actually a Professional Disc Golfers Tour that has professional and amateur sections. Who would of thought one could make money out of playing Disc Golf….only in America!

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