Remembering September 11

by Anna Blanch on September 11, 2008

My parent’s generation can tell you where they were when JFK died. My generation remembers where they were when: the Berlin wall came down, Princess Diana was tragically killed, and of course, the events of September 11 and the tragic loss of life and innocence that this day heralded.

As I write this I reflect that this moment is around the time the second plane hit the second of the two towers. This is an odd sensation – at that moment in 2001 I was sitting at home in Canberra watching the coverage on NBC and CBS. This coverage cut in within a minute of the first plane crashing. The coverage cut in on, what is now kind of ironic, an episode of West wing. It was around 9:30 at night. I sat with a housemate watching in a subdued sense of awe, numb to the reality and unsure of the long term ramifications. Was America under attack?

It was a strange sensation.

Today we remember when everything changed.
Lest We Forget.
May God help us.

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