Finding a Spiritual Home?

by Anna Blanch on July 14, 2008

Spending hours in airports over the last few weeks has reminded me just how many magazines focus on beautifying one’s abode. Making one’s home beautiful can be taken to extremes, and though I spent 8 months of the last year in a sparsely furnished apartment that felt more like a hotel room than a home, I like many others enjoy making my home a comfortable and relaxing space. But do we spend as much time thinking about the idea of a spiritual home?
I had the opportunity this weekend to spend some time with my church in Canberra (Australia). After twelve months of living in the US being in Australia again for a few weeks has been refreshing!
Visiting my church after a year away was eye-opening and sparked thinking about what makes a “spiritual” home. Notice that I wrote my church.I guess subconsciously it still feels like home even though I don’t live in this country anymore! Why does it still feel like home? These are ideas that I hope to address in the next day or so. In the meantime, does your church feel like home? if so, what makes your church feel like home? Is “church” necessary for one to find a “spiritual home”?

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