It’s all relative: a cup of coffee and the economy

by Anna Blanch on December 1, 2008

The whole world is whipping itself into a frenzy. The economy is bad, and it’s only going to get worse. At least as far as i am concerned things don’t seem much different to me, but when you live the way I do that’s hardly a suprise (though it is admittedly also a choice). I’ve been much amused by Lisa Nicol’s “Hold onto your hat dear, we’re receding” which presents an Australian veiwpoint, and one which is fabulously insightful.

In a similar vein, but with an eye to middle America, I’ve asked a friend, Kelsey Jones, a talented young writer who you can find over at her blog, Made for Another World, to contribute to Goannatree with a guest post on this issue which I think you will enjoy.


Dear U.S. Government,

I am writing to you in a time of great strife and need. As a college student, I am understandably experiencing some hefty financial strains. You see, I only get so much allowance a week from my parents, and the savings are running a little low, and so I’ve had to sacrifice quite a lot lately. I’m having to buy generic milk instead of name-brand. (There’s quite a taste difference to the refined tongue.) Instead of getting two $5 cups of coffee every day, I’ve had to reduce my intake to four cups a week. I know you may be a little shocked, but that’s just how terrible the situation has become.

Could you please give me a bailout sum of no less that $4 trillion dollars? It’s going to be absolutely necessary in order for me to continue life as I know it, and I think I would much prefer to have you artificially mitigate my situation than try and glean whatever valuable lesson I can from this little predicament. I mean, you gave the financial system a boost, and what with the auto industry hopping into the handout game and all, I figure, hey, why not me? I know that such a large amount may be more than you can handle, but from what I can tell, you all up in D.C. have the singular blessing of being able to spend money when you don’t really have any.

Also, I think that with such a large sum of money in my possession, I will undoubtedly be eligible for status as a commercial bank. Don’t you think so?

Thank you so much for your prompt and immediate attention to my situation.

Warmest regards,



I’d be interested in what you think of Kelsey’s take on the situation – that’s what comments are for.

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