Echoes and Patterns: You can find me in CASE!

by Anna Blanch on September 9, 2008

It’s out. Publishing a journal article is sometimes like having a baby. (I can only imagine that a book must be like back to back pregnancies!) All of this to say that the article I mentioned way back in The Case of Australia it is finally out. I’ve got an article in the latest issue of the CASE journal, Case 16. This issue is about God and creativity, and links in with the upcoming New College Lectures by Professor Trevor Hart.

My article is titled “Echoes and Patterns: Approaching the Arts Theologically”. My article suggests that examining theological patterns and echoes in the arts may be difficult but is ultimately worthwhile and that these echoes and patterns of the innate human desire for God can be found in (seemingly) the unlikliest of places! I particularly explore the work of Australian Folklorist and Socialist, Frank Hardy, and pop culture icon and Artist, Reg Mombassa.

While you can find an article by Trevor Hart at the CASE website to read mine you are going to have to buy the journal! Joining CASE is an investment as it gives you access to cheaper rates for their conferences and lectures, access to the Associates section of their website and a subscription to the journal.

I’d like to thank Roberta Kwan and Trevor Cairney from CASE for patiently working with me over 6 months of international travel, email and technological disruptions and my busy schedule. I am hoping it was worth the wait!

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