Helpful Resources – Prof Stackhouse and The Well

by Anna Blanch on July 27, 2008

Professor John Stackhouse recently published a short piecefor those considering pursuing a PhD. This is a subject, naturally, close to my heart. He focuses on those pursuing graduate studies in Religion, Theology and similar. However, his questions and advice are applicable to just about anyone thinking about Graduate study. Prof Stackhouse presents a series of questions, like a guided decision making process, and offers practical advice for Americans and non-Americans alike on the application process and, more importantly, challenges one to cosnider the spiritual, practical, and emotional ramifications.
Prof. John G. Stackhouse, Jr., Ph.D. (Chicago), is Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology and Culture, at Regent College, Vancouver.
Also, I just discovered Intervarsity Fellowship’s new web newsletter for Women in the Academic Professions, titled Well. I am sure it will be a mine of wonderful articles and material. Though it focuses on issues that may be of more relevance to Women graduate students and young academics the other web presences of Intervarsity, including the Emerging Scholars Network, have a broader focus.
The Well is well worth checking out!

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