Update on Being an Evangelical Women and a Scholar

by Anna Blanch on August 11, 2008

In Mary Cagney’s article on “Higher Education: Do Christian Colleges Treat Their Women Faculty Fairly?” she examines recent studies on the treatment of women in both secular and Christian universities and colleges. However, Mary Cagney is particularly interested in the treatment of Women faculty and scholars at Christian universities, Christian colleges, and institutions. She quotes, for example, that the “Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) had a ratio of 70 percent male to 30 percent female on average in 1995”. These figures are always skewed somewhat because there are some faculties and research areas which have always had more women – Nursing, Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences, for example. My department doesn’t even come close to the 70/30 split, even 12 years later when the numbers, anecdotally at least, have evened up somewhat.

For other posts on this topic see those examining Diana Butler Bass‘s frustration with the treatment of women in academia and Dorothy Boorse’s refreshing ideas on measuring academic success.

This will be my last post on this topic for a while. Feel free to comment and add your own thoughts and ideas to the discussion.

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