What does “scholar-blogger” mean?

by Anna Blanch on June 25, 2008

I was searching around looking at other blogs today – anything that resembled what i would like my blog to be like and I came across the term “scholarblogger” or Scholar-blogger. [Now i can win that competition with the Reference Librarians – they said would give a chocolate bar to the first person to provide a term that was not in Wikipedia.]

From what I can establish being a scholar-blogger is a term of praise. It denotes a person with some level of professional knowledge or expertise and who offers opinions, commentary, or critique through the medium of a blog. Usually an academic, though sometimes a private citizen. That is, a scholar….who blogs. The joy of compound phrases.

Do I want the title of Scholar-blogger?
I am a scholar, in that my day-job is as an academic; and i am a blogger. So i guess i am a scholar-blogger.

But do i want to be one?
Only if it doesn’t mean that my prose is dense, or that i write inaccessible jargon. I have stylistic faults – and boy am i my worst critic, but none of us like to be reminded that given we “write” for a living we should know how not to split our infinitives or write run-on sentences or keep the tense the same for the entire paragraph!

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  • http://www.transformingwords.org/wordpress Don Sartain

    Hey, if C.S. Lewis can dangle a preposition, we can break rules too. 🙂

    • http://goannatree.blogspot.com Goannatree

      Indeed! In fact, i've decided that all the training I have pretty much gives me licence to make up words and break all the rules!

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