Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

by Anna Blanch on November 27, 2008

This is the second year I have been in the US for the Thanksgiving holiday period. I am a little slow on the uptake sometime so it is only this time around that I am beginning to understand the significance of the holiday.

Of course, there are the folkloric remnants of the imagery pilgrims and indians but this narrative seems to bear little relevance to those families that have been privileged to spend thanksgiving with. If you are interested in a discussion that focuses a little more on the Indian story check out this Between Two Worlds post.

As a “legal alien” it is really a lovely thing to be invited into someone’s home and to share in their traditions – to hear the stories associated with recipes and traditions surrounding the day. I appreciate and enjoy the diverse ways in which different families mark the occasion, whether it is certain kinds of food (not just turkey – in fact i didn’t have any turkey this thanksgiving) or the sharing of those things each guest is thankful for, or the ritual watching of football (the cowboys always play on Thanksgiving). Culturally, I have enjoyed the experience of learning about holidays and cultural rituals – it makes me appreciate those aspects of American culture which are centered about family.

I will keep this short tonight merely only to say –

Thanks be to God I have much for which I can be thankful.

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