Goannatree: What’s in a name?

by Anna Blanch on August 6, 2009

The name of this blog, Goannatree, is not something I feel I can adequately explain to others without destroying the whole made up of disparate parts. However, and even at the risk of stripping away the combined meaning of the title, because I’ve been asked many times…

Goannatree incorporates elements of my heritage, my name, and a photograph.
To explain more fully it goes a little like this:

a) My heritage
A Goanna is a native Australian reptile – a large lizard.

b) My name
(Anna) and a nickname from childhood which reared its head every year after Swimming carnivals (Go Anna)…

c) A photograph
I took a photograph of a magnificient grand daddy goanna stretched full length vertically on the trunk on a tree on my parents property and that tree and the photo is etched in my memory…. unofrtunately this photo isn’t on my site. It is a film shot and is in a box somewhere on the other side of the world.

Thus it is more personal than philosophical!

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