’s Top 100 Theology Blogs: Part 3 (General Theology Post No.2)

by Anna Blanch on January 21, 2009

So the titles of these reviews are starting to feel very clunky and it is only the third post. If you need background to this post and these reviews take a look at the first post in the series and go from there!

Experimental Theology: Written by a Professor of experimental psychology, Richard Beck, this blog explores the connections and links between his work in experimental psychology and his interest in theology. Beck uses Spinoza’s seal to warm readers of posts and discussions that should be approached with discretion and caution. Beck explains that as a research psychologist he tries to integrate theology with data from the experimental social sciences. Second, many of his essays are acknowledged as theological experiments.

Making the Grade:
Scope – A-
– A
Theological Leanings – Baptist ?

America’s Young Theologian: A 2009 PhD in Theology Graduate from the University of Aberdeen, Dan Morehead discusses movies, politics, books, life, and more in theology in his “personal blog”. Those who are interested can read more about Morehead here and here. A recent provocative post of the kind Morehead seems to specialise is one titled “Why (On Jan 18-20th) It’s Morally Superior To Be American Than Christian.”

Making the Grade:

– B+
Theological Leanings – Protestant (Evangelical)

Reformation Theology: Described as “a community of confessing believers from diverse backgrounds yet have solidarity in Reformed Theology. Even though we may have differences on non-essential matters of theology, we are all committed to the Biblical and Christ-exalting truths of the Reformation such as the five solas, the doctrines of grace, monergistic regeneration, and the redemptive historical approach to interpreting the Scriptures.” A Blog written by a group of five pastors from varying reformed denominations. Written both in a Q&A format, and a standard post style, a recent exemplary post is one titled “Nine Marks of Healthy Church.”

Making the Grade:
Scope – B
– B+
Theological Leanings – Protestant (Reformed)

Bryan’s Thoughts: “Bryan’s Thoughts” is an apt name for this blog because that is what this blog is, one man’s thoughts – although I have to say that his reading list is impressive (at least in terms of literary theory and hermeneutics) and his posts are often quirky. Bryan explains that he has a broad range of interests in theology, physics, linguistics, arts, and that he enjoys Gordon Fee’s New Testament theology. Bryan has recently taken an hiatus from blogging and so it is unlikely there will be any new posts in the near future.

Making the Grade:
Scope – C
– C+
Theological Leanings – Protestant

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