Goannatree’s Purpose

by Anna Blanch on September 3, 2009

I thought it time to get back to basics with a fundamental post on the basic premises of this blog. My stated aim, as seen over there on the sidebar at right is that this blog is about:

Examining faith, the Bible, and theology,
in the context of literature,
popular culture and current affairs.

I should note that I define pop culture to generally include the Arts though the Arts is not merely pop (or temporary) culture but encompasses the arts in all their forms, and I didn’t want to make a distinction between the two in a subtitle. I am interested in the intertextual relationship between literature and the Arts and praxis in faith and theology as well as in the study, and understanding of biblical texts. This blog is an attempt for me to incorporate those principles gleaned from exploring these issues in 19th and 20th century literature in my reading of contemporary literature and the Arts and my observations and commentary on current affairs.

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