Haiti and the real world!

by Anna Blanch on July 7, 2009

So, for those people who noticed that I seemed to drop off the face of the blogosphere – you were right. I was “Missing in Action” for a good couple of months. I still won’t be back on deck with the frequency of posts for a little while longer, but i did want to check in to give you a little update on what’s happening with Goannatree!
The plans to migrate over to Goannatree.com are progressing. The bottom line is that no-one else can do their part until i have finished with mine and my life has been beyond hectic of late and goannatree has borne the brunt. The redesign is coming – you’ll see changes to the aesthetic, and the structure, as well as some clarification of the philosophy and scope of the project.

Upcoming Series
* I have plans to do another set of blog reviews – there will be some tweaks. Mainly, and i’m sure this will make many of you happy, I will not be attempting to grade anybody. That was pretty much ill-advised last time, and even caused people to cast aspertions on my character in ways that I just don’t really want to deal with.
* Those guest posts i promised way back are in the works and will be revealed forthwith…..or maybe a little longer.

Happy 4th July!!

I had a relaxing weekend – the first weekend i have had off in about 3 months.

I may just have some other news to share soon – just need to make it through this week and then i’ll share all (probably not all….) with you – All of you whom have to be the most patient, persistent, awesome blog-readers that walk the earth. I have to tell you – i’ve be a little stunned by the hits given i haven’t posted any new content in a couple of months…

I am back – I promise!

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