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by Anna Blanch on August 8, 2009

Angus Nicolson compiled the Christian Scholars directory from April to October 2005. As far as i can tell he has not updated his directory since that time. I am going to endeavour to take on the challenge of a Christian Scholars Directory. First I will link check all of the 100+ blogs and sites included on Nicolson’s list and will only list those that are still being updated regularly and which are Christian Scholars. I will try and give a description of the scope of the site and the background of the author. There won’t be any reviews or “grading” of the kind that I embarked upon in reviewing the Top 100 Theology Blogs.

While Nicolson initially attempted to provide a list “devoted to biblical scholars and theologians who have homepages that have a decent amount of useful material (and are evangelical in outlook and sound inthe foundational doctrines of the Bible).” He included blogs which:

  1. Study theology and write on it.
  2. Have sites with relevant, free material for others to access and read.

I have added a significant number of blogs to Nicolson’s original list and have removed many sites which no longer have functional links. Many of the scholars listed in the original list have since moved to other institutions and where possible I have updated the instutional affiliations to reflect those changes.

This is not going to replicate the work of Biblioblogs, NT Gateway, or student biblioblogs as this directory will contain links to scholarblogs of those who are not biblical scholars but are Christian Scholars who may or may not fit within the purview of those blog lists. For example, Goannatree hasn’t been included in Top50Biblioblogs but has been included in the 300 list and the student biblioblogs.

By that i mean that this directory will endeavour to include Christian sociologists, historians, economists, literary critics, and whomever else it seems apparent is a Christian Scholar. I am not the judge of who is or is not Christian, by apparent I mean they say so….this isn’t an exact Science, and i’ll be open to comments and suggestions.

You can read even more on my methodology here (on why I am not attempting to include every Christian scholar just those with an online presence).

This Directory will be organised alphabetically and the posts will go up over the next little while and I will update these posts to reflect your suggestions. Suggestions for inclusion or corrections can be sent to




Associations and Societies

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