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by Anna Blanch on October 26, 2009

I have been overwhelmed by additions to the Christian Scholars Directory. If you’d like background to the Directory then check out the Introductory post.  The Directory is organised alphabetically with a general section for Associations and Societies and a new section on Journals and publications. Over the longer time I will update these original alphabetical posts to reflect your suggestions. As always suggestions for inclusion or corrections can be sent to

Associations and Societies

Additions to Individuals

Michael Bird – teaches New Testament at the Highland Theological College in Dingwall, Scotland. The Biblioblog Euangelion exists for the purpose of promoting the gospel by commenting on issues relating to the study of the Christian Scriptures in the academy and the church.

Levi R. Bryant – Professor of philosophy at Collin College. Bryant is the author of Difference and Givenness: Deleuze’s Transcendental Empiricism and the Ontology of Immanence, co-editor of the forthcoming The Speculative Turn with Nick Srnicek and Graham Harman, and author of a number of articles on Deleuze, Badiou, Zizek, Lacan, and political theory. His blog, Larval Subjects is “a space for the incubation of philosophical larvae that are yet without determinate positions or commitments but which are in a process of unfolding.”

Jason Goroncy – Lecturer in theology, church history and pastoral ministry, and Dean of Studies, at the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership in Dunedin, New Zealand. Jason has published in a number of academic and more popular journals, and is currently completing a PhD on the soteriology of PT Forsyth, for the University of St Andrews.

 Brad Johnson – a recent PhD graduate from the Centre for the Study of Literature, Theology and the Arts
at the University of Glasgow also blogs on AUFS with Brad Johnson and Adam Kotsko.

Adam Kotsko – is Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at Kalamazoo College also blogs on AUFS with Anthony Paul Smith and Brad Johnson while also maintaining his own blog.

Anthony Paul Smith – A Ph.D candidate at the University of Nottingham in Philisophical Theology, writes with Adam Kotsko and Brad Johnson at An und für sich.

Byron Smith – A PhD candidate at Edinburgh University, Bryon Smith, an Australian, has a blog titled “Nothing New Under the Sun”. He writes about his dissertation research, his interests in environmental sustainability and political and systematic theology.

Joel Willits – Assistant Professor in Biblical and Theological Studies at North Park University in Chicago. The Biblioblog Euangelion exists for the purpose of promoting the gospel by commenting on issues relating to the study of the Christian Scriptures in the academy and the church.

Additions to Societies and Associations

American Society of Church History
The central purpose of the American Society of Church History, founded in 1888, is the scholarly study of the history of Christianity and its relationship to surrounding cultures in all periods, locations and contexts. The ASCH cooperates closely with the American Historical Association and other scholarly societies and organizations in joint annual meetings.

    Aotearoa New Zealand Association for Mission Studies
    The Aotearoa New Zealand Association for Mission Studies is concerned with the study of Christian mission within and beyond Aotearoa-New Zealand and its impact on the world. ANZAMS is affiliated with the International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS).

      Association for Theological Education in South East Asia
      The only available link is to the head of the Association, based in Phillipines. Original wesbite is now offline. HT: Jason Goroncy;

        Association of Practical Theology in Oceania
        The Association of Practical Theology in Oceania (APTO) is a professional association for researchers, scholars and/or practitioners in the field of practical theology. Members have a scholarly interest in the discipline demonstrated by publications and/or other scholarly accomplishments, including a research degree in practical theology. HT: Jason Goroncy;

          Australasian Theological Forum
          Describes itself as independent, ecumenical, and interdisciplinary. The ATF seeks to “enrich” public discourse on contemporary issues through the disciplines and wisdom of Christian theology. HT: Jason Goroncy; Ben Myers.

            Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools
            The Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools was formed in 1968 and comprises 65 theological colleges and seminaries of all churches in Australia and New Zealand. HT: Jason Goroncy

              Australian Association for the Study of Religions
              The Australian Association for the Study of Religions (AASR) is a professional organisation with a membership of more than 300 people, comprised of teachers, academics, students and others with a knowledge and experience of religious traditions. HT: Jason Goroncy

                Center for Barth Studies
                Based at Princeton Theological Seminary, the Center for Barth Studies was established in 1997. The Karl Barth Research Collection, part of Special Collections in the Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries, supports the scholarly activities of the Center for Barth Studies. The Karl Barth Research Collection is acquiring an exhaustive collection of writings by and about Karl Barth. Although many volumes are still needed, the Research Collection has already acquired Barth’s most important works in German and English, several first editions, and an original hand-written manuscript by Karl Barth. HT: Jason Goroncy

                  Christian Theological Research Fellowship
                  “The CTRF is a distinctively Christian research organization in systematic and moral theology, and related disciplines. The society exists to promote and sustain fellowship and truth-seeking (fides quaerens intellectum) in theological reflection upon the Christian faith, within the mainstream of the Christian tradition.”CTRF published the Journal for Christian Theological Research is a peer reviewed journal, published 1996-2007 (no new issues), Sacra Doctrina is a book series in contemporary theology published by Eerdmans, Guides to Theology, a book series published by Eerdmans providing short, annotated introductions to standard themes and current issues in systematic theology as well as the Distinguished Dissertations in Christian Theology series, an on-line dissertation publication offered in association with Word & World. You can join the email list for the Christian Theology Group (TheoSBL), meeting Society of Biblical Literature. HT: Jason Goroncy

                    Churches Theological Research Trust

                    Founded in 1997, and includes a Register of scholars categorised by expertise. The list is relatively small, but does contain some scholars of note. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                    Centre of Theology and Philosophy
                    Based at the University of Norrtingham, this centre brings together scholars of international reputation, both in residence and as a working research group linking scholars from their home bases. Here’s a list of their members. HT: Ben Myers;

                      Dietrich Bonhoeffer Society
                      The International Dietrich Bonhoeffer Society is a nonprofit, ecumenical, and interfaith scholarly organization to preserve the memory and enhance the knowledge of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) and his legacy. Includes links to his works in English, significant secondary sources, and links to archive collections. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                        Hegel Society
                        The Hegel Society of America is a learned society, founded in 1968, whose goal is to promote the study of the philosophy of Hegel and Hegelianism, its place within the history of thought, and its relation to social, political, and cultural movements since his time. Includes links to research aids, primary works in English, secondary works of significance and commentary on Hegel. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                        Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts
                        The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA) is a research institute based at St Mary’s College, the Divinity School at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. ITIA aims to advance and enrich an active conversation between Christian theology and the arts – bringing rigorous theological thinking to the arts, and bringing the resources of the arts to the enterprise of theology. As part of this, it seeks to explore the role of the imagination in the arts, as part of a wider theological interest in the imaginative aspects of our humanity.
                        ITIA pursues this aim through rigorous academic research, undertaken by its staff and postgraduate communities, as well as high quality publications arising out this research. ITIA offers undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses, and hosts events such as conferences, seminars, colloquia and performances.

                        International Society of Christian Apologetics
                        “The ISCA fulfills a longfelt need to have an academically-oriented society that brings together conservative Christian scholars from a variety of fields engaged in the task of apologetics.” The Founding President was Norman Geisler.

                            Jürgen Moltmann Group
                            “Since the publication of Theology of Hope in 1967 (ET), Jürgen Moltmann has become a prominent voice in contemporary theology. Now Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology from Universität Tübingen, Moltmann continues to speak prolifically to a worldwide audience. […] This group is a forum for the celebration and critique of that legacy. It exists both for specialized debate and as a welcoming place for the novice exploring Moltmann’s encompassing dialectic for the first time.” HT: Jason Goroncy;

                               Kierkegaard Society of the UK
                              The Society aims to bring together persons from all walks of life with an interest in the works of Søren Kierkegaard. They meet annually at a mini-conference to discuss papers on Kierkegaard, including his relation to various contemporary movements of thought. Papers on the relationship between Kierkegaard and Freud, Heidegger, Derrida, Levinas and Cavell, amongst others, have been delivered. Meetings are usually in May, on the Saturday nearest to Kierkegaard’s birth date (5 May). The Society is a corporate member of the British Philosophical Association (BPA). HT: Jason Goroncy;

                              New Zealand Association of Theological Schools

                              New Zealand Association of Theological Schools is an association of institutions engaged in the teaching of theology and ministerial formation in New Zealand. Related organisations include:

                                HT: Jason Goroncy;

                                  Nineteenth-Century Theology Group
                                  The Nineteenth-Century Theology Group explores religious thought and theology from the French Revolution to World War I. Affiliated with the American Academy of Religion. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                                  Reformation Scotland
                                  Reformation Scotland is the website of the Inverness Branch of the Scottish Reformation Society. Their aim is to promote a witness to the history, theology and principles of the Scottish Reformation. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                                      Religious History Association of Aotearoa New Zealand
                                      The purposes of the Association are: to develop a national network of people interested in New Zealand religious history; to encourage research and publication in the area of New Zealand religious history; to organise lectures and conferences where historians of religion can share their research; and to publish the New Zealand Religious History Newsletter. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                                        Søren Kierkegaard Society (USA)
                                        The purpose of Søren Kierkegaard Society (SKS) is to encourage study and discussion of the thought of Søren Kierkegaard in all its dimensions and ramifications, including its sources and influences. Affiliated with both the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and the American Philosophical Association (APA), the Society alternates its annual business meeting between AAR and APA conventions. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                                          Scottish Evangelical Theology Society
                                          SETS, the Scottish Evangelical Theology Society, began life as the Scottish equivalent of the Tyndale Fellowship. They are affiliated to UCCF, and subscribe to their doctrinal basis. They seek to promote Scottish theology which serves the churches, is faithful to Scripture, grounded in scholarship, and catholic in scope. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                                            Scottish Reformation Society
                                            The Scottish Reformation Society was founded in 1851. This followed a very large public meeting in December 1850, which was a protest against the re-establishment of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in England. The original constitution of the Society set out its objectives as being “to resist the aggressions of Popery; to watch the designs and movements of its promoters and abettors; and to diffuse sound Scriptural teaching and information on the distinctive tenets of Protestantist and Popery”.  Over the years, smaller bodies such as the Scottish Protestant Alliance, the Scottish Women’s Protestant Union and – much later – the Protestant Institute of Scotland have been incorporated into the Society. The last of these was a major step in the development of the Society.The Protestant Institute was founded in 1860, on the 300th anniversary of the Scottish Reformation. HT: Jason Goroncy

                                              Society for the Study of Theology

                                              The Society for the Study of Theology exists to promote excellence in the study of Christian Theology by facilitating and shaping theological thought, conversation and community.
                                              HT: Jason Goroncy; Ben Myers;

                                                TF Torrance Theological Fellowship
                                                Christian research organization devoted to the exploration, development, and dissemination of the theology of Thomas F. Torrance. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                                                  Wabash Center
                                                  The Wabash Center supports teachers of religion and theology in higher education through meetings and workshops, grants, a journal and other resources to make accessible the scholarship of teaching and learning. All Wabash Center programs are funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. HT: Jason Goroncy;

                                                  World Reformed Fellowship
                                                  The WRF exists to provide networking links among evangelical Reformed Christians world-wide. HT: Jason Goroncy;

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