Christian Scholars Directory: More on Methodology

by Anna Blanch on August 10, 2009

While my introductory post lays out my methodology for compiling this Directory there is one thing I didn’t make entirely clear.

There are some incredible Christian Scholars in all discipline that I would like to have included in the directory but haven’t. This is a directory of Christian Scholars with an online presence. A faculty profile page is not sufficient for the purposes of this Directory. Rather, there needs to be either a blog or links to full text articles, papers, course materials, or a detailled bibliography that is hyperlinked to at least some freely available materials.

For example, a faculty profile page that merely links to a scholars books at Amazon is not altogether helpful to the rest of us and thus doesn’t warrant a listing. It is not a statement about the quality of a scholars work or a dismissal of their Christian witness. I don’t intend it to be such. Rather it is a matter of pragmatism.

As I said. Some of my mentors and others I respect greatly should by rights be in this Directory because of the nature of their work but If they have no online presence I am not sure how helpful this is for those dropping by to view the Directory.

I did not design this as a vanity exercise. I would like the list to help to develop a sense of community among Christian Scholar-bloggers and to be useful to those interested in a particular scholars online presence to come here to find them and other scholars with similar interests.

Finally, it will remain a Work in Progress. I am sure I’ve left people off. Please give me suggestions, corrections, and ideas. I will link back to you!

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