’s Top 100 Theology Blogs: Part 1

by Anna Blanch on January 15, 2009

There are millions of blogs. They cover the gamut of the good, the bad, and the very ugly. Sometimes lists of blogs, in a similar way to the Fortune 500 or US World News’s rankings of universities offer some opinion on where one should look for quality.

I am setting out to review, or at least annotate’s list of the Top 100 Theology Blogs which JT over at Between Two Worlds clued me in on. Put together by Jessica Merritt the list claims to offer online reader a portal to Follow “top notch theology blogs” which will help you “to gain a deeper understanding of religious studies.” It should be noted that it seems that is a very new site and it may be that I am merely assisting them in their quest for more links and hits. I can’t find any archives for December 2008 or prior. There is also no way to contact the creators of the site, so if you are they and you are reading this post then please let me know – I’d love to give you a chance to defend the (presently shaky) legitimacy your site, which as far as i can tell seems to be a publicity and informational site for Christian universities and colleges with revenue streams for google ads and potentially the universities that are profiled.

I also tried to find Jessica Merritt and thus far have no been able to find any information about her, so if you are her, i’d love to know more about you and your motivations for the list!
Merritt does not claim to have used any criteria for developing this list and I will be interested to see what is not on her list (in terms of the blogs I most enjoy and am intellectually challenged, encouraged, taught by) as much as what is included. This first post will include the review of only one of the blogs, the blog listed at No.1 on the General Theology list.

Two Powers in Heaven – Begun in May 2008, the author, Mike Heiser, declares that he started this blog to prompt him to finish a journal article on the topic of the “two powers” heresy. Thus the blog concentrates solely on a discussion of the “two powers” heresy (and Mike’s vacation plans); the “two powers” heresy is an ancient Jewish teaching which suggests that there were two powers in heaven. This blog contains links to scholarly articles (including .pdf full text) which would be of assistance to someone researching this limited topic. It seems highly incongruous that this blog be listed at No.1. Very limited in scope, though what is included is well researched and accessible to a scholarly theological audience.

Making the Grade:
Scope – C (a one trick pony – not exactly “general theology”)
– B
Theological Leanings – May be Jewish, though it is hard to tell.

As we go along I’d love comments about various blogs on the list or comments suggesting other blogs that should have been included (except the Greek guy who keeps leaving a comment containing only the address of his website in Greek for laptops, noone who reads this blog cares about that).
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