’s Top 100 Theology Blogs Part 6: Criticism

by Anna Blanch on February 6, 2009

Post #6 of a review series on’s Top 100 Theology Blogs list. For details about the list, please see Post # 1 and Post # 2 in the series. Links to all the posts in the series can be found at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to offer your assessment or suggest other lists and blogs I should review/annotate.


Merritt describes this section as containing blogs which “cast a critical eye on myths, faith, and more”. It seems probable that this section ended up with the label “criticism” because the compiler couldn’t figure out where to put them. It seems to me that all three of these blogs could just as easily have been placed in the “General Theology” section (though it takes up a third of the list as it is).

NT Wrong?: This link is to the archives of the N. T. Wrong Biblioblog (April 2008 – January 2009), which examined the question, inter alia, ‘Is the New Testament (N.T.) wrong?.’
This blog is no longer being updated. The link is also home to the biblioblog Top 50 which is, as i mentioned will provide me with much grist for the mill in reviewing the bible, theology, scholar-blogging, pop culture and arts blogosphere! NT Wrong also has a long list of biblioblogs with ratings based on theological, but not political leanings…His definitions are much better than the loose “theological leanings” description i came up with and i may, if i get to reviewing some of those, simply use his classifications.
Making the Grade:
Scope – B (no longer being updated…)
– A
Theological Leanings – ?

Skeptical Christian: This blog addresses “The notion that Christianity is based on a “leap of faith” rather than an intellectual commitment of mind and soul to God is widespread in today’s culture. At The Skeptical Christian, this mistake is addressed head on. Christianity is *not* a worldview for the weak-minded and it is *not* based on a blind leap of faith.” For a full outline see here. There is very little identifying information about the author. His name seems to be Kyle and he notes that he took a Philosophy of Religions class recently….otherwise, his affiliations, training, and approach are unclear. The design is relaxed, and gives the impression of being seeker friendly. The design also seems as if the blog isn’t particularly sophisticated or necessarily aiming for a scholarly audience but this is belied by the intellectually mature responses to scholarly and pop culture articles and books and the comprehensive scope of the blog. This site also has a detailed refutation section, a section on atheism, theism, ethics, a section packed with book reviews called the library and a section of debates between christians and non christians
Making the Grade:
– A
Theological Leanings – Christian….(?)

Why Faith: The work of Darren Hewer, a recent graduate of Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, Canada, Why Faith presents articles – both brief and in depth analyses – about faith and matters that relate to faith. This blog is only updated about once a month. Hewer has posts a detailed account of his own journey to faith in God and Jesus Christ.
Making the Grade:
– B+
Theological Leanings – Moderate Protestant (Christian and Missionary Alliance/Salvation Army)

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Summary and Wrap up

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