’s Top 100 Theology Blogs Part 7: Politics

by Anna Blanch on February 6, 2009

Post #7 of a review series on’s Top 100 Theology blogs list. For details about the list, please see Post # 1 and Post # 2 in the series. Links to all the posts in the series can be found at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to comment offering your assessment or suggesting other lists and blogs I should peruse.

This post reviews the Politics section of Merritt’s list.

Politics and Religion

Theopolitical: Theopolitical is the work of Davey Henreckson and focuses on scholarly discussions that relate to the intersection of politics and theology. This blog catalogs online resources for the “recently revitalized field of political theology” and presents posts which range from “the inscrutably theoretical to the impossibly pop-political.” This blog has one of the most illucidated premises i have seen, the substance of which is well worth examining (found here), especially if you are considering writing something that details the purposes, premises and scope of your blog. The blogroll and links to resources are heavily weighted towards scholarly theological commentators.
Making the Grade:
Scope – A+ (very well defined!)
– A
Theological Leanings “Anglyterian”

God’s Politics: *****This link seems to be no longer functional *****

Faithfully Liberal: Faithfully Liberal is the work of Aaron Krager. Merritt describes this blog as presenting an “understanding of the theology of a liberal Christian on this blog” Krager describes his blog as presenting political commentary from the point of view of someone who is politically liberal and a Christian. It may be that they are both theologically liberal and politically liberal but this should not be assumed. Krager describes Faithfully Liberal as “an open forum for politics, faith and the intersection of the two. It is dedicated to the practice of public theology as a way of calling our nation, our political and faith leaders, and all global citizens to an agenda of social justice, equality, and the proper care of humanity and the world”. A recent major project was an analysis of Dawkin’s “God Delusion.”
Making the Grade:
Scope – A-
– B
Theological Leanings – “progressive Christian”

Law and Theology : Christopher Neiswonger posts on the intersections between the law and public affairs and Christian theology. Neiswonger is also the author of and is also a blogger on Christian Theology which I reviewed in an earlier post and this blog largely seems to cross reference these other blogs, except in the case of specifically legislative and judicial matters.

Making the Grade:
Scope – B
– B
Theological Leanings ? (Protestant?)

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Summary and Wrap up

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