’s Top 100 Theology Blogs Part 11: Clergy

by Anna Blanch on February 24, 2009

Post #11 of a review series on’s Top 100 Theology Blogs list. For details about the list, please see Post # 1 and Post # 2 in the series. Links to all the posts in the series can be found at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to offer your assessment or suggest other lists and blogs I should review/annotate.


Shuck and Jive: This is the personal blog of John Shuck, a Presbyterian minister, wherein he writes about “spirituality, culture, religion (both organized and disorganized), life, evolution, literature, Jesus, and lightening up”. This is another blog hosted by Christian Century. On social issues, this blog can be described as liberal progressive (pro-gay marriage among other things).

Making the Grade:
Scope – (C-) No clear scope (more a definable methodology for discussion).
– B-
Theological Leanings Presbyterian

Delivered By Grace: Rev. Josh Buice presents this blog as a “ministry” and a resource for preachers, laynmen, and teachers. This blog is openly evangelistic in tone, and focuses on Baptist news media articles, and links to commentators like Al Mohler and Mark Dever. This blog is notable for its excellent design.
Making the Grade:
– C+
Theological Leanings Southern Baptist

Doug Chaplin: Better title as the blog is, MetaCatholic, British priest, Doug Chaplin, shares his personal ideas and thoughts. He is not Catholic and the blog is not on Catholicism, despite what the’s commentary says! This blog will soon (April) be ending, but Chaplin assures readers that he is moving on to another location in part because people make assumptions about the title of the blog. His new blog is here. I like the new design a great deal! His posts are some of the most well-written of any in this section (clergy).

Making the Grade:
Scope – C (not entirely clear, i suspect the new incarnation will be altogether better!)
– B+
Theological Leanings – Anglican (in the UK definition, in US terms – episcopalian)

The Reformed Pastor: This Evangelical Presbyterian pastor discusses current affairs, and the expression of christian faith; along with discussions of internal church politics – EPC and PC(USA). Posts are well written and resarched on the whole, though i think David Fischler’s blog would benefit from some reflection on methodology and approach. The design is simple but effective.
Making the Grade:
Scope – B- (I would love a little more clarity on the scope)
– B
Theological Leanings “Evangelical Presbyterian”

Ponderings on a Faith Journey: Bob Cornwall, Church historian and Churches of Christ pastor shares this personal blog. This is another blog hosted by Christian Century. Cornwall covers a broad range of topics, from Netanyahu, to Darwin, to Star Trek, to musings about the responsibilities of being a “theo-blogger” (a new one on me). Generally thoughtful posts, though i’d like to see some further thought about scope and the threads that tie his thoughts and posts together.
Making the Grade:
Scope – C+ (a little all over the place, without clear cohesion)
– B
Theological Leanings – Churches of Christ

Real Live Preacher: San Antonio’s Gordon Atkinson is the pastor of Covenant Baptist Church and author of Real Live Preacher. Eerdman’s has considered his writing worthy of publication and he has recently had a second book of essays published. Gordon also blogs over at I like his basic blog design though it is a little messy at the bottom, and though i have to say his header is not to my personal taste (not that it needs to be) his reasoning for why he uses it is sound and has to be respected. Atkinson’s writing style is straightforward and easy to read! Probably the best written in the section!

Making the Grade:
ScopeA (clear scope)
– A
Theological Leanings – Baptist

Wow, if anything shows that this list is not exhaustive it is this section. Tim Challies, DA Carson, John Piper just to name three….and they are just three (all evangelical protestants) that have a far greater blog readership than any of this list. But i will refrain, like i have in the other review posts from being overly argumentative.

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