Little List of Links: March

by Anna Blanch on March 2, 2009

Little List of Links will be a new feature on Goannatree which i will endeavor to post at the beginning of each month.

  • Julie over at The Search for Serenity is blogging about her dissertation research, wherein she hopes to explore the spiritual themes of the sci-fi/western series Firefly and the film Serenity. This includes an interesting exploration into Mal’s (one of the characters in the series) crisis of faith culminating in her explication of a Myth of Creation/world as expressed in the series. Thanks to Carmen Andres (one of the blogs i recently reviewed) over at in the open space: God & culture who pointed me in the direction of this link.
  • examines journalistic approaches to religion and matters of religion. This site features great writing (it is a journalistic site after all) and always incites discussion.
  • Discerning Reader presents book reviews: ” Discerning Reader is dedicated to helping you find, read and enjoy good books.” I find this site helpful.
  • I recently reviewed Codex (read the review) for the Top 100 Theology Blog Review series and I mentioned this link in that review. But, I wanted to specifically highlight Codex’s Biblical Studies Carnival Homepage which gives you instructions for how to nominate posts for the monthly carnival and helps you stay in the loop as this series moves around (like any good carnival) each month to a different blog.


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