Living while being a Graduate Student

by Anna Blanch on January 9, 2009

Strangely enough, or not so much if you are one, LIVING can sometimes seem like something just out of your reach as a graduate Student. Existing feels more like what life looks like – enduring, persevering, struggling.

So how we reconcile the demands on our time and energy with a big picture perspective…

Hillary Lum suggests:

Give yourself freedom to accept the season of “graduate school” as different from others. While you will need to say “no” to some things that you’ve become accustomed to, there will be other things that God directs you to in graduate school that you will also enjoy if you let yourself.

Kelly Aukema, like Lum and Dorothy Boorse emphasise the importance of community,

My advice is to surround yourself with a deep-thinking community including at least a few Christians. Graduate school is challenging on many levels, but there are often direct attacks on one’s faith and world view. There is no reason to fear or avoid these attacks if you can discuss your challenges with trusted friends and wise mentors. The discussions you have will likely bring all involved closer to truth and to a deeper understanding of God.

Boorse also reminds us that having a sense of humor is essential,

I suspect having a sense of humor helps. I have a friend who ends emails with this quote: “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs —jolted by every pebble in the road.” (Henry Ward Beecher)

You can read the full article from which these quotes come here. Balancing work, with play, including friends, family, and physical activity are what it means to live well as a Graduate Student. The financial constraints are immense, but it does teach you what is really valuable….

What helps you live well?

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