News Just In: Ethics Professor pledging to put his money where is mouth is…

by Anna Blanch on November 16, 2009

Toby Ord, ethics scholar at Oxford, has pledged to give 1 million pounds (about $1.67 million US) over the course of his career. The money will go to charities in developing nations. Ord, 30, estimates that he’ll earn about 1.5 million pounds and he thinks he doesn’t need that much. His stated aim is to inspire others to make similarly ambition donations. Read the BBC report. HT: Inside Higher Ed

Does this mean Ord is planning to live on 500,000 pounds over his life?  I take it he is not planning on having children, nor on trying to educate them? or ever buying a house? 

Is this only possible in a country with a tax rate that covers basic healthcare and education? because i really doubt it would be possible in America. Is he making a sensible, rational, grand gesture, or is he just really bad at Math(s).

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