The Purpose of Education: John Piper

by Anna Blanch on January 22, 2009

Many of the recent Quotes of the Week have been about Education and teaching.

John Piper presents some of his ideas about education and particularly those things that he sees as the aims of education in a post on his Desiring God website and blog pointed out to me by JT. He provides the following as a beginning in explicating the aims of education:

We aim to enable and to motivate the student to observe his subject matter accurately and thoroughly, to understand clearly what he has observed, to evaluate fairly what he has come to understand, to appropriate wisely in life what he has found valuable, and to express in speech and writing what he has seen, understood, evaluated, and appropriated in such a way that its accuracy, clarity, fairness, and value can be known and enjoyed by others.

It is food for thought in any case.

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