Something to look forward to: Upcoming Guest Posts

by Anna Blanch on March 4, 2009

Welcome to Goannatree.

Welcome especially to those who’ve made their way here by virtue of a search through google or in response to my reviews of Christian Colleges Top 100 theology blogs. I’ve been taking notice of how people end up at Goannatree and in concert with a few friends there will hopefully be even more to peak your interest, on topics that seem to be of interest to visitors (based on searches). I enjoy engaging with your comments, criticisms, critiques, and castigations, so keep them coming.

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In March I hope to bring you:

More on what it means to be a good thinker. I’ve been discussing how we measure thought, and good thought, and how to develop good thought, with about half a dozen friends and colleagues lately and I hope to offer a couple of follow up posts to last November’s What makes someone a Good thinker? which is one of the most popular posts on the site.

Hopefully, you’ll also read guests posts on:

  • Ekphrasis in Eavan Boland. There doesn’t seem to be much around on the web on this fabulous Irish poet.
  • Thoughts on comparative international education.
  • test batteries and metrics.

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