Little List of Links: August; or Professorial Fashion, the Grateful Dead, and Religion in the Media

by Anna Blanch on August 6, 2009

  • As one member of an informal chapter of the “Well Dressed Professor’s club” (tongue in cheek only slightly…) I got a little excited when I found this blog, academichic written by three feminist PHD students from the midwest who are, as they put “changing academic fashion one PhD at a time!” I think this may motivate a post or two on theology and the arts as it relates to lifestyle and professorial fashion!
  • On the same lines but thinking through how to be glamorous! and live within a grad student stipend check this out: The Glamourous Grad Student.
  • is a great site and blog that discusses the media’s coverage of religion. This is an excellent site written by Christian journalists that literally practices what it preaches.

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