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by Anna Blanch on August 31, 2009

I’m having a gold old fashioned break. A chance to rest and recharge my batteries. But i’ve worked up this post for those who are not so fortunate to be in the middle of a vacation!

So the first post I wrote about this topic of Productivity resources has been extremely popular so I thought i’d offer a few more sites that i find helpful on occasion.

I try to find things that help me but am somewhat suspicious of cult followings of all descriptions. Everyone is looking for the answer that will solve all their organisational/life/balance/problems. While these tools are interesting and somewhat useful. There’s only one God I worship and it is not GTD or TRO or any of these other acronyms.

That said, here’s a few more links for your perusal and usefulness.

I have found a great and useful article on applying Getting Things Done (GTD) principles to a PhD. I am always interested in how to balance long term goals like completions of chapters and articles with the need for short term goals that don’t end up making me feel completely bogged down.

Acadmic Productivity
Study Hacks
Gearfire Productivity
Academic Productivity

General Productivity
Make Use Of
Stepcase Lifehack
Zen Habits

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