Quote of the Week: George Bernard Shaw on Education

by Anna Blanch on February 23, 2009

Every serious student of the subject knows that the stability of a civilisation depends finally on the wisdom with which it distributes its wealth and allots its burdens of labour, and on the veracity of the instruction it provides for its children. We do not distribute the wealth at all: we throw it into the streets to be scrambled for by the strongest and the greediest who will stoop to such scrambling, after handing the lion’s share to the professional robbers politely called owners. We cram our children with lies, and punish anyone who tries to enlighten them. Our remedies for the consequences of our folly are tariffs, inflation, wars, vivisections and inoculations – vengeance, violences, black magic. George Bernard Shaw

GBS was very influential on E. Nesbit’s intellectual development in her late 20’s (he was one of a number of men with whom Nesbit had an extra-marital affair).

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