Quote of the Week: "What o’clock is it, children dear?"

by Anna Blanch on August 7, 2009

What o’clock is it, children dear?
Ask of the dandelions here!

Blow, blow, blow, and away they go—

But they do not tell us the time you know!

Say, what month is it, children dear?
We think it is August because we hear

The swing of the sickle, restless and slow,

And that’s a sign of the month, you know.

Where are you going, children dear?
Where the lane winds deep and the stream runs clear—

There are plenty of beautiful ways to go—

But only one way that two only know.

Where are we going, children dear?
To a beautiful country that’s very near,

Hand in hand is the way to go

Up into fairyland you know.

– E. Nesbit.

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