The State of this little part of the Research nation

by Anna Blanch on October 24, 2009

The sea has been angry lately. But then again, there has been so much fog and mist rolling in I haven’t always been able to see the white-tipped waves. I can’t complain. It’s only going to get worse. The days will continue to get shorter, the sun isn’t rising until after 7:30am as it is, and the light will be less bright (if that is actually scientifically possible). Running, as good as it is for my sanity, is taking a particular amount of willpower here with the wind whipping at my ears.

The research is progressing in earnest and i’m in the midst of planning research trips to undertake some archival research during next year. Academia is funny like that – deadlines seem arbitrarily placed until they involve money and then they are placed some 12-18 months out. But, if i can achieve a small piece of the pie then i shan’t be complaining!

The Nesbit project still needs some finessing to produce an identifiable argument as opposed to a nice exhaustive survey but nonetheless things are a lighter shady of muddy than they were yesterday.

The photo below shows the view from one of the windows in my office. It was a little foggy as you can see but beautiful nonetheless and a daily reminder that I’m not in Texas (or Oz) anymore.

Reading well  is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you ~ Harold Bloom.

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