Stephen Prickett on George MacDonald and the tasks of imagination

by Anna Blanch on September 8, 2009

I came across this interview with Dr. Stephen Prickett, on George MacDonald and the tasks of imagination MARS HILL AUDIO Journal MHT-76.2.2. A synopsis of the interview is as follows:

Professor Stephen Prickett, author of Victorian Fantasy, discusses the Scottish culture that formed writer George MacDonald (1824-1905). Scotland, says Prickett, is “a country that’s always punched above its weight in world history” when it comes to the influence it has had through its writers and philosophers. It is known for its practical spirit, but also has a mystical tendency. MacDonald, author of many books including Lilith and Phantastes, embodied both sides of the nation’s split-personality: he studied science and chemistry in school yet also had visions of his grandfather—years after the man’s death—walking along the road. Prickett notes that Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) influenced MacDonald greatly, which explains in part why MacDonald believed the imagination a necessary faculty for knowing the world.

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