So apparently the G20 is meeting today and not the 4th.

by Anna Blanch on November 6, 2009

So apparently the G20 is meeting today and not the 4th….i was wondering why the town seemed like nothing was happening on Wednesday!

As i said then…

The G20 (finance ministers…) is meeting here in St Andrews today. It is a weird place like that – g20 meeting one minute, celebrity golf tournament the next, the consul general of Italy reading Dante in Italian, undergraduates wandering around in scarlet gowns on Sundays, the tourist buses that pull up outside my front door and john Deere tractors pulling trailers full of potatoes – it’s taking some getting used to.

Just because i managed to stuff up i thought i’d share another couple of photos of St Andrews as consolation! This one was taken by sometime Guest Contributor Sarah Czarnota while she was in St A recently.

This is one of mine. This is the view (minus the Old Course Hotel in the background) that is often put on postcards and paintings. This is a bridge across the Old Course.

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