There’s alot going on in the world…

by Anna Blanch on November 21, 2009

Admittedly this post is partly because i have committed to NaBloPoMo and i have made it this far! But also because i am inspired…

Imagination in Church from Collide Magazine

The form of this post is from Melissa who really made me smile with her post earlier today.

Justin Taylor has been over at the Gospel Coalition for the last month. Go check out his new home!

This beautiful thrifted skirt which prompted me to drop by a couple of thrift stores today.

Maybe this sit-in at UC Berkeley after a 35% increase in tuition means that student activism isn’t entirely a thing of the past although this piece of propaganda in which it is proposed that the idea of free education is a new one in california made me chuckle.

I’m sad about the fires in South Australia which I am sure would not be easy for those in Victoria who suffered in February during the last fire season which ravaged thousands of hectares and took over 120 lives and the flooding in England which has claimed the life of a Policeman.

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