Newport State of Mind (bringing the Big Apple to Cymru)

by Anna Blanch on July 24, 2010

Sometimes in creating a parody, the work created can in some ways exceed the ubiquitous original. That the simulcra is in turn a unique expression of an artist’s creative intent. That was an incredibly theoretical way of saying that this You-tube sensation from Welsh Director MJ Delaney taking Jay-Z and Alicia’s Empire State of Mind and turning their attention to the small welsh village of Newport with great result! The director of Photography for the project was Vanessa Whyte and for a production which cost less than 100 pounds to make the quality is outstanding (Delaney didn’t include labour in this figure so the true cost is love, i guess).

The subtitles allow even the non welsh and not British fan like me understand what’s going on.

I think this video succeeds in offering social commentary without resorting to cliche or malice.

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  • @sexymamatweet

    Just stopping by via the 31 day challenge!

    I think the vid does a great job offering some commentary. What a neat find! Thanks for keeping me in the loop… I feel out of it back in Ohio after time in the U.K. and NYC.

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