Street Art St Andrews Style

by Anna Blanch on November 4, 2010

I’ve been tutoring for a class this semester that meets in the Science precinct of the University which has meant walking through a park a few times a weeks that I’d only walked through a few times ever before. In the last couple of months a series of street art pieces have appeared on weatherboard or doors of building in the park area. It’s the first time I’ve seen anything resembling street art (beyond crude graffiti tagging) in St Andrews, and after my fascination with it during my time in Paris, I thought I’d share. I’ve included a image of the main piece and then a wide-angle one showing a bit more context for how the pieces are situated.

The second one has a signature, William, though i guess this could also refer to the subject of the piece. This is more reminiscent of a Warhol piece with repeated face images. It is only about the same size as the first piece, which means that each stencil is only about 25% of the size of the first piece above.

I would really like to know who the artist is, have a chat with them about these pieces and the thought behind them and learn a little more about their influences.

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  • Peter Kutuzov (Kutz)

    Interesting. What's the nature of the building that the 'shining' one is on?
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  • Goannatree

    It's a club house type building for a tennis club.

  • Peter Kutuzov (Kutz)

    It's a comment about the existential angst of Gen Y tennis players in Britain rebelling against the facades of gentility of bygone eras. As we all know, tennis is the last bastion of Victorian sensibilities in England, and the image of a madman breaking out of the clubhouse is a statement about both the mental health of those under the influence of British tennis and their desperation to break free of its stifling social conventions.

    If you were asking me. Which you did.

    Cup of tea anyone?
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