Transpositions Tuesday: Le Mur pour la Paix

by Anna Blanch on August 10, 2010

Paris is a feast for those interested in culture and the arts. After my post last week on Barbara Nicolosi’s chapter in For the Beauty of the Church, I’ve been thinking about Politics and art, and specifically Art which has a political aspect. My post on Transpositions this week is titled: Le Mur pour la Paix: Art with a political message?

In the post I reflect on Le Mur pour la Paix, (translated as the Wall for Peace) on Champs de Mars, Paris between the Ecole militaire and the Eiffel Tower and whether its status as a monument affects how we interpret the installation.

As part of the post I also shared my own photographic reflection on the installation. It’s the first time I’ve shared one of my own photos as a work on Transpositions rather than merely being an illustration for a post.

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