Broadening our vocabulary: AP-style

by Anna Blanch on June 19, 2010

We all joke about creating new words – but a friend of mine shared a list of ‘questionable’ additions to our vocabularies compiled after grading for the AP english exam this year which takes creating new words to a whole new level. And so, I share a list of words offered by students aspiring to pass the Advanced Placement exam: 

ironicism, connotational, unethnicity, unethnicality, unattacking, distillity, credentiality, emotionality, flowly, conclusionary, connectry, fraudulating, rebuttlements, hortative/hortatative, validify, recallment, submissal, intellectuality, allusionizes, mordant, patriotizing, reputability, nonhumorististic, tactileful, hyperbolizes, confliction, hypocriticism, pathotic, incourevates, eruditic, underexaggeration, appealism, persuasiveability, superiorness, guiltful, ironicness, impactful, non-elusive, blingy (modifies diction), visual positivity

Some of these would do any of the French philosophers proud! and they make misunderestimation (a bushism I’ve actually decided i like now!) look positively tame. It’s either stretching the bounds of their creativity with language or they have been studying some seriously hinky vocabulary lists. I wonder if we will see any of these words enshrined into common language like the bushisms or spoonerisms have come to be?

My friend love to know your favourite and so would I.

HT: Dr. JCG.

Anna M Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD candidate in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts, University of St Andrews, Scotland. She’s always liked words. Alot!

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