Faith, Hope and Poetry

by Anna Blanch on November 10, 2010

I reviewed Malcolm Guite’s Faith, Hope and Poetry for Transpositions. As I was preparing for the review I read a number of other opinions about the book

Of  Faith, Hope and Poetry, Ashgate’s website says:

Malcolm Guite applies the insights of poetry to contemporary issues and the contribution poetry can make to our religious knowing and the way we “do Theology”.  […]  Readers of this book will return to their reading of poetry equipped with new insights and enthusiasm and will be challenged to integrate imaginative ways of knowing into their other academic and intellectual pursuits.

Between this assertion of the landmark quality of this work and reviews by The Most Revd Dr Rowan Williams, Professor Steven Sykes, and Luci Shaw, which were glowing, I was really hoping to be bowled over by Guite. So what did I think? You have to read the rest of the review to find out!

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