A closer look at Baylor’s new President: Judge Ken Starr

by Anna Blanch on April 8, 2010

Ever since the announcement of Judge Ken Starr as Baylor’s new President there has been heated debate about the wisdom of the decision and speculation as to Starr’s suitability. Like others, my approach has been to cautiously welcome the decision. If nothing else Judge Starr is a brave man – the Baylor Presidency is a challenging job; arguably one of the most challenging of America’s University Presidencies – especially when you take into account the status of the university, the recent turmoil and swings and roundabouts of the last two presidents and the mission of the largest Baptist University in the World.

Today’s Baylor Magazine cover story, “A Call to Serve” is a look into the character of Judge Starr and interviews a number of students and colleagues from Pepperdine’s law story. It emphasizes his personable nature, his commitment to put students first and his desire to listen to affected parties before making decisions. All three will come in very handy if he is to become a Baylor President of note.

I was very happy to read of his committment to Baylor 2012 – the same vision document that attracted me to Baylor in the first place. I am hopeful that the assessment of what is left to be done will provide a mandate for the incumbent President to make some big decisions – especially about things like an additional residential college and increased recognition and support for Graduate student teachers (things like parking and insurance).

Please take time to listen Judge Starr but please lead by example; Baylor needs a President who will both!

You can read some of my earlier posts about Judge Starr’s appointment here, here and here.

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