Thesis Writing November!

by Anna Blanch on November 1, 2010

So, this month there won’t be significant amounts of new material on goannatree. For a few reasons:

* I’m working on the final stage of the new website design! The initial testing was really positive and i’m excited to be able to share the next iteration of Goannatree with you soon.
* I’m doing my own version of National Blog Writing Month and National Novel Writing Month, by writing 1666 words a day (that’s 50k words for the month) of new material for my thesis. I’m working on this alongside my friend Katharina who usually writes at Tea, Cake, and Sandwiches, and we’ve put together a blog specifically for the 50.000 word challenge. Come join us over there for daily posts, encouragement, writing and resources. 
* Transpositions has been taking up lots of my attention of late! and appropriately so too. It won an award recently, and we’re hosting a lecture on Neil Gaiman this week that’s sure to get people talking. Drop by for a visit. I’ll be there this Wednesday writing about Les Murray’s religious poetry!  
* On top of everything else, I’ve got three book reviews to write and two other short commissioned articles (one for local media and another as a resource for Christian graduate students)!

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  • E. of academichic

    I think this is a great idea! Since I'm still in the midst of taking my qualifying exams and writing my prospectus I don't quite have the quantity of word-output requirements pressing upon me, but I may just have to try this next November. Good luck!

    My recent post 1 November 2010 – Such Great Lengths

  • @prestonyancey

    You are so epic. Specific prayers for the next month!

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